What's Seofon Like?

Whenever you apply to a new guild, it's important to know what you're getting yourself into. What sort of environment is it? What will be expected of me? What are the people like?

"Seofon is the hardest-raiding family guild on Xev." - Didiaquarr Thul

Seofon strives to straddle the line between "raiding guild", and "family guild". We have a wide array of members, from the casual grouper to the avid tradeskiller to the hardcore raider. We have no mandatory rule for raiding or other events - you attend what you're able, as you like.

Seofon is neither "authoritative" nor "free reign". We do have some hard-and-fast rules when it comes to raiding. We do have our own unique style and tactics. But within that framework, people are expected to know their jobs and left to do them to the best of their ability. A certain level of maturity and personal competence is expected of everyone, and a freedom to come up with new ideas, make suggestions, and participate as a part of a large team. The focus is on FUN, so while Seofon is highly-organized, we maintain a friendly, comfortable atmosphere, where one can relax and enjoy.

Seofon is a team. That is an aspect in which there is no gray area for us: it's always about putting the guild first, and working together to make it better.

Seofon is a top 10 "endgame" guild, but sometimes moves more slowly than many of its counterparts. We stop to smell the roses along the way, and work together as a team to ensure that all our raiders have an opportunity to get flagged and keep up. We're enjoying our many journeys, while looking forward to the many destinations that await.

Loot from our raids is distributed by the Officers, through a private voting process. In selecting loot winners on raids, a large number of factors are considerd, and attendance is just one. We also have a very large roster of people to think about.

So if you've come looking for a guild that'll have you raiding end game content next month, well... keep shopping. Find yourself a cutting-edge raiding guild.

If you've come looking to raid 7 days a week and take in a steady stream of the "phat lewts" from the best zones, well... keep shopping. Find yourself a hardcore-DKP guild.

But if you're looking for a well-organized, highly-efficient guild, with a very capable raid force comprised of mature, team-oriented players, who believe in taking on new challenges together and having lots of fun doing it... who group together and strategize on the message board together... if you're ready to be part of a team, and put the needs of that team ahead of your own...

You've come to the right place.

Welcome to the hardest-raiding family guild on Xegony (Xev/Druzzil Ro).