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2003.01.24 20:12:00 EST, by Poosha

Took him down with a solid force of Seofon members. Gratz folks!

Xaque won his booties, and Grenbud won the head for the druid quest gloves!

2003.01.29 10:15:58 EST, by Frackus

Seofon - 1, Dragons - 1

We gave Wuoshi a sound trouncing last night in Wakening Lands, netting 4 spells (all to guild bank), 3 scales (Nocturne, 2 to greed), and a Skydarkener (Airungan). Then, ready for more dragon-slaying fun, we headed on over to Dreadlands to insist Gorenaire stop terrorizing the locals. After all, the Dreadlands are a bad enough with just the /ooc, a dragon laying waste is just insult-to-injury. Alas, with the server repop (and another raid force building) pressing us for time, we rushed the old gal hastily and got mostly wiped before the hand of the gods (*cough* server repop from GMs *cough*) smote her out of existence. All in all a fun night, but just leaves us lusting for more dragon blood. ;)

2003.01.29 20:18:42 EST, by Frackus

Another Dead Dragon

Server repop = another dead Wuoshi, and this one with better loot. Crescent Blades of Luclin (Lenxen), Scimitar of the Emerald Dawn (Seith), Emerald Scale (Icehart), a shield and extra scale to greed rolling. :)

2003.01.30 07:41:20 EST, by Frackus

Congrats Willaw! Congrats Willaw on your Swiftwind blade after Kilie's excursion to the Hole last night. Wynde and Darlington have also gotten a step closer to their epics as well. Congrats folks! :)

2003.01.31 08:08:18 EST, by Aillor

Congratulations Darlington on finishing your epic !

2003.01.31 21:11:52 EST, by Aillor

Vengeance is ours ! Lyrian drove us like cattle into DL this evening to do battle with you know who again, unfortunately for Gorenaire it was he/she (will someone please clear that up) that was taken to the slaughter..
Grats to Lyrian on his white scale and grats to the guild vegetable gardeners on a big fat pile of tree hugger loot =P
Thanks to Taushar for taking the reins in what must have been an event of extreme stress for Lyrian !.

2003.02.01 17:23:15 EST, by Poosha

Brue finishes his epic!!

Two groups of us went to Lake of Ill Omen this afternoon, shortly after the Hate raid, and took down this guy to complete Brue's epic.

Thanks go out to Icehart, Kraagin, Garington, Judorf, Tarany, Aillor, Uzno, Taskmaster, and your's truly.

Congratz, bubble-boy! =D

2003.02.02 08:39:59 EST, by Frackus

Our first VS-Smackdown took place 2 nights ago, shortly after Gorenaire (we were the terror of the Dreadlands area that night!). Congrats to Uzno on getting the Gnarled Staff, the 2nd of 3 for his wizard epic, and to Molech for winning some drool-worthy Ancient Shissar Gauntlets. :)

2003.02.06 23:00:17 EST, by Poosha

Dini led a couple of groups to Hate tonight (after HoT was taken). Judorf got himself the Hand of the Maestro and Palistiva got the Staff of Elemental Mastery: Fire. Gratz folks!

2003.02.08 17:09:59 EST, by Poosha

Rumblecrush falls to Seofon!

Huge congratulations to all who came out for this, and endured our learning process. I'm truly grateful to Dini for risking sickness to bolster our Complete Heal chain, as well as the many people who died (sometimes multiple times), but dusted themselves off and were ready to go again. =)

Gratz also to Uzno on winning Calamity's End, and Willowrose on winning the Cloak of Destruction!

2003.02.16 13:37:02 EST, by Emiral

Seofon isn't scared of Fear! We zoned in without any deaths, and in a couple of hours we dispatched both Dread and Terror. Fright was too scared to show his face, I guess. Congrats on epic drops for Didiaquarr, Zeradan and Taskmaster.

2003.02.16 17:42:18 EST, by Karnagee

Lyrian Completes the 8th Shawl Quest

Congratulations to Lyrian on completing the 8th Shawl quest. Congratulations as well to the winners of the loot that dropped! For drooling purposes: Blessed Coldain Prayer Shawl

2003.02.18 20:12:34 EST, by Poosha

Chantney Completes the 8th Shawl Quest

Congrats Chantey on finishing her damn Blessed Shawl quest! Gratz also to Rednight on Spiked Velium Mallet, and to Uzno on Drakkel Wolf Claws!

2003.02.19 22:49:35 EST, by Karnagee

PoG gives a new meaning to AoE!

Was a slow night in the Plane of Growth, fear was in the heart of tunare and her trees were angry that day my friend. Got some great screenshots of Ice finally getting a bath! Whew! Also got some good shots of the scenary but no good shots of that tree! Hopefully we will return soon to befoul the lands of Tunare again!

2003.02.22 13:45:07 EST, by Poosha

Seofon takes down Venril Sathir!

Big thanks to everyone who came out to help take down VS. We had a couple of false starts, but brought him down on the 3rd try. =)

Gratz to Frackus on winning his epic piece, a Gnarled Staff, and Laquina on grudgingly taking the Shissar Guardian Staff! We also netted an Elder Spiritist's Greaves which will look lovely on some guild druid.

We ventured down to the bowels of Chardok today, as well, to take down Overking Bathezid. Huge gratz to Icehart on her epic piece!

2003.02.23 21:39:08 EST, by Poosha


Gratz to Zeradan, Willowrose, and Icehart on completing their epics! Gratz also to Aillor for getting his staff from Phinny, and to myself for getting Severilious' scale. =)

Huge thanks to all who came out to help with all of these fights. It truly was a long day of playing! Gratz especially to those who won items from these various mobs. I can't recall who they were or what they won, but there were several.

Gratz Seofon!

2003.02.25 07:47:38 EST, by Aillor

Venril Sathir took another beating yesterday and I got another staff =P
Grats to Garington on cobalt greaves and thanks to Brue for leading the scramble.
Ive got no pictures or anything, I feel so small...

2003.02.25 21:56:44 EST, by Poosha


We scrambled tonight to take down the Undead Bard-spawned version of Trakanon for Lyrian tonight with some much-appreciated help from Fezzelwhig (Lyr's brother). Thanks for the CoH's, bud! =)

Lyrian walked away with Trak's Guts, and Vahlana won the Poisoned Mantle. We also dragged in more spells than I can count at the moment.

I'm very proud and appreciative, especially to all the folks who sat very patiently at the zone-in while the CoH chain was set up.

Gratz Seofon!

2003.02.27 21:15:52 EST, by Poosha

Venril was feeling "Up and Down" today

Gratz all on another VS takedown. The reclusive ghost dropped a Gnarled Staff for Credence, Singing Steel Greaves for Tubian, and a Lycanthropic Staff for Willowrose.

Gratz all on a smooth fight!

2003.03.22 11:56:12 EST, by Frackus

New new news!

Congrat Willaw on completing her epic in Hate Thursday night! :)

Congrats to Chantney on being promoted to the rank of Officer today. :)

2003.04.01 10:06:58 EST, by Frackus

On Saturday, 22 March, Talendor fell again, in what was a rather chaotic little scramble this time. Congrats to Bombay (CoF), Palistiva (TME), and Uzno (FSoX spell) as the big loot winners of the day. :)

2003.04.13 09:58:25 EST, by Serenea

Finished a couple epics this weekend! Congrats to Catrinka on the take down of Faydedar and getting her leaf blower! Quack Quack!! Gratz to Ainelael for getting the Keeper of Souls and completing his epic!

2003.04.14 09:38:47 EST, by Frackus

Wuoshi's and Tawro's and Gorenaire's - Oh my!

Ok, I've simply lost track... in the last few days we've killed 2 Wuoshi, 1 Gorenaire, 1 Kalorek'Dar, 1 Lodizal, a few Spirit of Radir, and more Tawro than you can shake a rotting Stave of Wit at. Karn and Ain finally have their capes from Sky, and Catrinka nabbed her leafblower.

From the icy waters of Iceclad, the humid jungle of the Wakening Lands, from the Dreadlands to Umbral, reptiles everywhere are quivering in their scaley little boots, while our magelo profiles are being updated daily.

Congrats to all the winners, and good work all. Let's keep on hitting them and hitting them hard, and let's start checking into some Big Game Hunting too. ;)

2003.04.16 08:45:08 EST, by Frackus


Congrats to Ainelael and Karnagee on the successful completion of their epics! :)

2003.04.19 21:46:44 EST, by Frackus


After about 8 hours of leading a Sky raid, the guildleader snaps and it no longer able to do simple arithmatic, let alone figure out pivoting strategies. But not before we netted five Spiroc Wingblades for our warriors, along with, IRRC, 3 quested haste belts (assuming we have the early isle crap to match up with those rare drops). Thanks one and all to those hardy souls who hung in there long to farm the big dumb bird. And thank you to Sorttou, Effdee, and Zrath for their repeated sacrifices for pulling. :)

2003.04.27 09:45:50 EST, by Aillor

Owwwwwwwwwwwww !!!!!!!!!!

A sound that will be resounding through the guild now that our esteemed *cough* leader has his shiny new cattleprod.

2003.05.04 20:42:39 EST, by Frackus

A few days of Epic proportions!

Gratz to Aillor, Uzno, Zegzeg, and Chantney on completing their epics. Gratz to Poosha and Garington on both moving into a one-step away position. Soon, gents, very very soon. Thanks to everyone who came out for these skirmishes/raids to make these happen. It's always good to see someone's long hours of questing finally pay off. :)

2003.05.09 12:04:39 EST, by Poosha

Gratz to myself and Garington on completing our warrior epics. At least now people will have something else to comment on besides "dood, u know u got a bp on yer shoulder?". =b

Yes. Yes, I know.

2003.05.12 02:09:47 EST, by Poosha

Vindi went down again yesterday. Gratz to Garington on his shiny new breastplate, and Saborah on the piece he needed for a new pair of gloves, as well as to everyone on the satisfaction of another Derakor the Vindicator kill.

2003.05.18 15:22:09 EST, by Poosha

After helping Bombay in Dragon Necropolis where he got the last piece needed for his Ethereal Bladed Naginata, some of us headed to the Plane of Storms to get some folks flagged for the Bastion of Thunder. We spent the afternoon taking down the 6 named giants (the last one of which is seen here, pinning Frackus in a move that looks entirely uncomfortable for both parties). Congratz to Bombay, and all the folks who got flagged or picked up some decent loot. =)

2003.05.18 15:27:16 EST, by Poosha

Derakor goes down again (sorry, no screenshot... all that was visible were his toes), and Bombay nets himself a Chestplate of Vindication. Gratz also to Xaque on picking up a Thurgadin Breastplate, and special thanks to Shiela and Ainelael for pulling Vindi... always an unpredictable task.

2003.05.19 21:10:35 EST, by Poosha

Took down Severilious tonight with a few groups of us. We got Geddoe a Runed Bolster Belt, some needed spells, and banked some decent spells and a green scale.

And earlier, Doomshade fell to a force of Seofoners. Congratz to all the loot winners, and to all on a flawless kill. =) (again, no screenshot due to him being in a wall... gotta pick up some X-Ray glasses or something)

2003.06.11 22:52:10 EST, by Poosha

Doomshade Falls Again!

Another near-flawless Doomshade victory tonight (at least one other recently that I didn't attend, so it didn't get posted here, hehe). Congratz to all on a great job, and 'specially to Xinspaly on winning the Earring of Endless Speed... well deserved, buddy. =)

Good job Uzno, too, on showing up just in the nick of time. ;-)

2003.06.13 00:07:25 EST, by Poosha

Gratz Tarany on completing her epic quest!

Hope that new spear comes in handy in the days ahead. Many thanks to all those who came out to make this a crazy overkill-fest. =)

2003.06.15 10:19:31 EST, by Poosha

Doomshade and Rumblecrush Fall Again

Seofon scrambled when the call went out, and we were happy to find not just Doomshade, but also Rumblecrush, waiting to be killed. Congrats to all on a flawless takedown of both, and special gratz to the loot winners: Bow of Doom (Rainingdog), Calamity's End (Credence), Belt of Scintillation (Dini), Darkblood Sword (Ioms), and Rod of Virtue (Loknarr).

2003.06.18 15:44:08 EST, by Poosha

Va'Dyn Takes a Dirt Nap!

Took down Va'Dyn last night after the raid got diverted from Doomshade. Congratz to Brue on your Shaderock Amulet, and Garington on the Shaderock Belt, as well as to Karnagee on getting one step closer to soloing in Vex Thal. ;-)

2003.06.20 02:01:05 EST, by Poosha

Even in death, Derakor can't keep his big mouth shut

Congratz all on another fine scramble, and a nice clean take-down of this guy! Also, gratz to Lenxen on the Chestplate of Vindication, Loknarr on Lenxen's handed-down cultural BP, and to some lucky guild druid who decides to MQ the head for some nice gloves.

2003.06.21 01:16:38 EST, by Poosha

Yael also likes dirtnaps!

Well, after much aggravation (pun intended) from Nortlav, we managed to easily run in and down this chump. Gratz me on the ore for the Strength of the Elements, and Judorf for the greeded Loam Robe, and Ioms for the greeded dagger. Good job, all!

2003.06.22 22:59:36 EST, by Poosha

Busy Day!

Congratulations to Credence on finishing her epic! Also congratz to Dungeree, Bruenorg, and Mnemon on getting your epic pieces from Chardok. Also congratz to Judorf on your new Chestplate of Vindication!

2003.06.27 03:00:38 EST, by Poosha

Gratz to Kierrin and Mnemon!

Big gratz to Kierrin on finishing the wiz epic, and to Mnemon on getting the piece he needed from Fear. =)

2003.06.28 09:12:20 EST, by Frackus

The Va Dyn falls again! Congratulations to Palistiva and Gemgrabber on the new robe and hat, and to Chantney on being one step closer in that painful VT key quest. =D

2003.07.02 20:25:17 EST, by Frackus

Xanamech falls!

Back for a bit of revenge, this time it was the mechanical dragon that had his ass handed to him, and soundly! =D

Gratz to Gemgrabber and Karnagee on the driveshaft and pulse emitter.

2003.07.02 20:27:57 EST, by Frackus

Velketor gets a hefty dose of his own medicine!

With only a small force but a lot of heart (and a boatload of peridots, heh heh), Velketor the Sorcerer falls before the might of Seofon.

Gratz Frackus (that's me!) on the nice new robe. =D

2003.07.08 13:36:12 EST, by Frackus

It was a busy Sunday!

After going another successful round with Xana (with ass-kicking results), we gathered again in the evening to lay the beatdown on Velketor once more (and woulda killed Vindi too if his big brother the Idol wasn't keeping watch over him!).

Congrats all. :)

2003.07.22 10:16:58 EST, by Frackus

Lotsa killin' but not lotsa updating! =p

So what have we done lately? Let's see... well, we finally found that elusive Dracholiche when we took a run through Fear to let Bruenorg grab one of the golem's balls, and spent a little time killing overgrown lizards in Western Wastes, and... whacked Xanamech again... (and maybe again? beginning to lose track)... and Dungeree finished his epic when Ragefire experienced one of his shortest existences ever (gotta love overkill on epic mobs ;) ). =D

2003.07.25 23:16:12 EST, by Poosha

Telkorenar Falls!

Well, we came back tonight for a little revenge on our old buddy Telk. After a very clean fight, he fell, and dropped a couple of True Mithril Breastplates. Gratz Ioms and Geddoe! Plus the various people who won Ancient Armour drops along the way. Good job, all! =)

2003.08.11 16:03:22 EST, by Frackus

If it has scales, it's just gotta die.

In fact, in poor Nortlav's case, he's not even a dragon, but he was guilty just of carrying a scale on him, so we had to kill him anyway. ;) Congrats to loot winners, to Aanluien and Qadani on finishing their epics, and to Fidelma for getting another step closer to hers. =D

2003.08.17 18:49:10 EST, by Frackus

1... 2... 3.. before Seofon met CT... when Seofon met CT... after Seofon met CT...

Good job all. Kudos to Gar and Bomb on tanking the mudball. Excellent work folks, and gratz to the loot winners. =D

Seofon > all of Fear

2003.08.28 00:29:44 EST, by Poosha

Rumblecrush bites the dust!

Not the cleanest takedown of this guy we've ever done, but every now and then dps wins out. Congratz to Zeradan on the Grand Shield of Faith, Siphin on the Soft Satin Gloves, and Kaibah on the Tunic of Kinship. =)

2003.08.31 23:09:45 EST, by Frackus

Bye bye Broodmother

Well, she don't drop that much, but she sure is a fun encounter. Gratz to Sorttou on the boots. =D After the Broodmother, we went and whacked Overlord Ngrub too, just for good measure, where the loot was much better. Gratz Willaw, Dungeree, and Geddoe.

Then, with the night still young, we made a return trip to the Crypt to polish off the Spiritcharmer. Gratz Vum on you new ring. :)

2003.08.31 23:13:55 EST, by Frackus

Covert Operations

Well, on *deleted for security reasons* at around *deleted for security reasons*, we had cause to meet with a special witness, *deleted for security reasons* in *deleted for security reasons*, who told us where we could find ourselves a *deleted for security reasons* for Frackus, and *deleted for security reasons* for Qadani (Gratz!), and... get this: a *deleted for security reasons* for Fameena too! (Gratz!)

The whole encounter with *deleted for security reasons* went well, and we hope to meet up with *deleted for security reasons* again for more *deleted for security reasons* whenever possible. =D

2003.09.06 03:50:51 EST, by Poosha

Vhaksiz the Shade

Went in there with 11 bodies, and took him down cleanly. Good job, all! The loot was nothing spectacular, but I don't think anyone's disappointed at having seen him face-to-face finally. Gratz all!

2003.09.16 13:29:06 EST, by Frackus

Yet More Loot!

Damn, another long span with no updates. Let's see, what have we done lately?

Gratz to the loot winners from another Vhaksiz the I'llSitHereandWaitforCertainDeath, another The Luggald Headchef, Overlord OhGodNotSeofonAgain, and Mr X, for again putting us on to some phat lewt we'd best not talk about. :)

Gratz also to Naito of the PTA on his 10th Ring from the Ring War last Saturday. A fun time had by all. :)

2003.09.21 05:33:33 EST, by Poosha

Seofon 2, Sontalak 0

Sontalak falls again to Seofon! Gratz Dini and Gemgrabber on your ST keys, as well as several others on spells and some greedilicious armour/weapons. =)

Also, congratulations to the crew who took out the Itraer Vius, especially those who walked away with some needed loot.

*Also* gratz to all the loot winners from our most recent visit to the Broodmother, Overlord Ngrub, and Mr. X. Good job, folks!

Whew! Busy day, time for more beer. ;-)

2003.09.22 22:39:57 EST, by Poosha

Trimming the Hedge

A few groups of Seofoners went to the Hedge in PoN to run the event there again. We made it through without a hitch, except for a silly Halflink who decided to take one for the team by sitting just before the last spawn. *cough* After taking down the Construct, we were visited by Terris Thule... and we'll be seeing her again soon enough, I would imagine. Good job, all!

2003.09.28 23:34:09 EST, by Poosha

NToV Massacre

Well, it's been a long time coming, but we finally managed to move into NToV. On our first trip out, we bagged 12 dragons in 2 days. The loot winners are too numerous to mention individually, but suffice it to say that the loot was well worth the effort.

Very nice work from all who participated, and a special thank you to the people who had the dangerous job of pulling (and getting killed several times in the process); you guys rock!

I didn't have screenshots of all the dragons we killed, so this is just a collage of all the ones I was present for. Check the Gallery this week for some action shots.

And, finally, gratz Seofon on another milestone!

2003.10.01 09:12:42 EST, by Emiral

Another successful takedown of Mr. X and Overlord Ngrub. Seofon took out Mr. X with 21 people, and the Overlord with 16.

I think these mobs are going to petition to get us nerfed.

2003.10.05 21:43:30 EST, by Poosha

Seofon 3, Sontalak 0

Another Sontalak takedown today. Gratz Didi on his Sleepers key, and all the other loot winners!

2003.10.12 22:43:54 EST, by Frackus


Seofon clears NToV, killing Eashen, Ikiatar, Aaryonar, Lord Feshlak, Dagarn the Destroyer, Lord Kriezenn, Lady Mirenilla, Lord Koi'Doken, Cekenar, Zlexak, Sevalak, Jorlleag, Lady Nevederia, and finally the big man himself, Lord Vyemm.

(And considering we had to do Eashen, Ikiatar, and Aaryonar twice because of patching, 17 dragons in 4 days ain't half bad. :) )

2003.10.17 12:42:28 EST, by Poosha

More Dragons!

Congratulations on another successful run at Sontalak, and our first killing of Lenny the Keeper (please don't ask me to spell her name correctly :b). Gratz as well to the loot winners! Judorf and Aadari on their Sleepers keys, Rainingdog on his tunic, Willaw on her ring, Mjolner on his helmet, and Aan on his breastplate. =)

2003.10.22 10:13:48 EST, by Frackus

Lord Yelinak Dethroned.

Before the server crashed (yet again), we took out the Lord Yelinak right in his own lair. He really oughta work on security. Oddly enough, Zlandicar - the wimpiest of the five First Brood - is now the only one of the set we haven't killed yet. :)

2003.10.26 10:51:05 EST, by Frackus

Beware First Brood

With a successful Zlandicar takedown a few nights ago, Seofon has now successfully executed all five First Brood dragons.

2003.11.26 23:08:23 EST, by Bruenorg

Grieg Falls before the Machine

Beware inhabitants of Luclin...your time is near.

NToV Ours Again

Well, at least it was until the server was reset. We did manage to clear about half of it and in fine form!

2003.12.01 18:30:41 EST, by Poosha

Our First Move Into Sleepers!

Dini dragged us out for an exploratory mission to Sleeper's Tomb recently, just to get a feel for the place. We took down the Progenitor without much trouble, but ran out of time before we could figure out the proper way to get to the Master of the Guard. He'll be dropping soon enough, though, now that we know how to do it.

Congratz to Emiral on his Rain Bow (Get it? Prismatic? Rainbow? C'mon... I'm not getting paid to write this cheez), and to the EQ Lost and Found Department on their new Tome of Uselessness.

2003.12.07 19:49:21 EST, by Bruenorg

Maestro of Rancor Downed!

It is one hell of a fight which requires much discipline, good strategy and first and foremost, great STYLE! Thank you Dini for leading and congratulations to Saborah on the bracer, Guland on the cloak and to all who participated whether there in form or spirit!

2003.12.09 00:50:18 EST, by Poosha

Golems, Bugs, and Dragons, oh my!

Busy night for us tonight. We first went into Sleeper's to take down the Progenitor and the Master of the Guard (gratz folks on some new prismatic weapons, and other knick-knacks), then it was off to Acrylia Caverns for the Evolved Burrower, and finally a quick trip to Western Wastes to waste (yuk yuk) Klandicar for his talisman. Congratulations to all the loot winners, and to everyone for helping out with this enjoyable evening of events!

2003.12.11 02:08:25 EST, by Poosha

Too Much Acid in the 60's?

After a wonderfully quick trip to visit our friend, Mr. X, we made our way to Cazic Thule to exact some revenge on the meanest amoeba in town. The fight went incredibly smoothly, but this guy has some staying power... it certainly tests mana pools.

Congratz to all who came out to help settle the score, and maybe next time he'll drop something useful. =)