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2004.01.06 09:11:47 EST, by Bruenorg

Revenge is Sweet

With some minor tweaks to our strategy, Thought Horror Overfiend was no match this time around.

Happy New Year everyone!

2004.01.09 23:49:17 EST, by Bruenorg

Seofon > Kael

Vindicator, the Statue of Rallos Zek and the Avatar of War were no match for the well-honed machine called Seofon. This was a big step for us; our first attempt on the AoW and victory was ours to be had. Congratulations to all the winners tonight and especially to everyone who made it happen...this was no small feat!!!

2004.01.11 14:07:36 EST, by Frackus

Seofon > Dain

Stumpy lil bugger sure puts up a fight, but after a hearty slugfest, our first ever attempt at Dain Frostreaver IV saw some of us shawl-wearers getting some much sought-after revenge. :)

2004.01.24 22:15:57 EST, by Poosha

Seofon > Sleeper's Tomb!

Day 1: Stomped on down through Sleeper's Tomb to see where the old dragon used to rest. Seems that some of Kerafyrm's cronies were still hanging around waiting, so we decided to put them out of their misery. We took down the Final Arbiter, and two of the four ancients before folks had to finally admit that they had real lives. Congrats to all the loot winners, and everyone else for a fun raid!

Day 2: A crowd of guildies made their way back down into the bowels of Sleeper's to finish the deed that had been started yesterday. Congratz to all on your accomplishments! =D

2004.01.29 22:51:15 EST, by Bruenorg

Successful Crypt of Terris Thule flagging!

Fantastic work by our CC department and a great job by everyone else to make this a success. We had a few folks who we could not fit in but you can be sure there will be another run around the hedge with Thelin soon enough. Gratz everyone! =D

2004.02.04 12:37:05 EST, by Poosha

Our first Rhag`Mozdezh takedown!

Congratulations to all who came to help take down Rhag2. The fight was quick and easy, and netted some decent gear and spells given the effort. We definitely didn't need as many people as we brought, as he hits like a slightly-beefier-version-of-my-sister. Gratz all on a clean kill! =)

2004.02.08 17:40:06 EST, by Poosha

Flawless Xerkizh the Creator kill!

Congratulations to all on a flawless takedown of XTC on our first attempt! Special congratz to all the loot winners, and those from earlier in the day as well! Very nice work, folks!

2004.02.10 23:20:16 EST, by Poosha

Cleaning Out The Towers

Gratz to all on a nice little romp through the BoT towers to take out Mr. Auliffe and Mr. Eindride. This was a learning experience for me, as I'd never been to the towers before, but I had a fun time despite the adrenaline. Gratz all on two dead giants, and some fantastic loot! =)

2004.02.23 18:07:38 EST, by Bruenorg

Burrower Beast slain!

Ain't no worm gonna get the better of Seofon...Burrower Beast down! Congrats winners, especially Frackus on the nice new robe!

2004.04.14 22:59:04 EST, by Bruenorg

Arch Lich Rhag`Zadune doing some twitchin'!

And its not the infusion kind! Gratz to Bobacar, Aadari and Meteora on the new digs and fantastic work done by all...he had it coming and we showed him good. =)

2004.04.18 14:16:30 EST, by Poosha

High Priest bows to Seofon!

Took two tries, but the High Priest does represent a step-up from most old-school boss mobs. Once we learned the truth about the Priests, it was smooth sailing and a flawless kill! Good job especially to our mezzers, tankmezzers, and pullers! And congratz to the loot winners. =)

2004.04.24 17:21:57 EST, by Poosha

Arch Lich Rhag`Zadune Gets Farmed

Gratz all on another takedown of this punk snake. Zer got himself a great new bracelet (bah!), Aanluien got a great range item, and many others walked out with gear and spells. Good job, all, and welcome to farm-status, AL!

2004.04.27 13:47:51 EST, by Poosha

Seofon Disassembles Manaetic Behemoth!

Huge congratulations to all on what I've heard was a well organized, but crazy-fun fight! Grats to all the newly Tactics-flagged members, as well as to Lauralie and Dungeree on their new gizmos!

(Apologies for stealing a chunk of the graphic from Illia's Beastiary, but it seems that noone remembered to snap a shot, hehe)

2004.04.28 20:51:48 EST, by Bruenorg

Emperor Ssraeshza downed!

A near flawless kill with exceptional execution. Congrats to everyone on a fantastic job!

2004.05.05 20:08:38 EST, by Poosha

Emperor Ssraeshza 2nd Kill!

Our second unassisted Emperor take-down within a one-week span! Again, it was nearly flawless, and superbly handled by all involved. Congratulations to all on an excellent display of discipline and skill! Grats also to Siphin and Echi on the Blood loot, and Dawg, Cat, and Palis on some fine Emperor drops!

Ok, time to smoke 'em if you got 'em.

2004.05.18 22:26:52 EST, by Frackus

Ssraeshza Temple Conquered

At long last, the Cursed can elude us no more. Nothing remains in Ssraeshza Temple that can withstand the might of Seofon.

Gratz to all the loot winners. And gratz one and all on some excellent fighting.

2004.05.21 07:17:01 EST, by Frackus

Glass Jaw Broken

Aerin'Dar falls. The march forward has begun.

Gratz to all the loot winners. And gratz one and all on some excellent fighting.

2004.05.24 22:38:51 EST, by Frackus

Grummus Down

Sneaky fellow tried to slip us the Stinkpalm, but we weren't falling for it. Kicked his stanky butt but good. Seofon - making Plane of Disease a cleaner place for one and all... well... marginally... still don't recommend vacationing there.

2004.05.25 22:39:23 EST, by Frackus

Temple Razed

Zhezum, Mozdezh, Arch Lich Rhag'Zadune, and big ole Emperor Ssraeshza himself. Added to yesterday's High Priest and the Glyph, Exiled, and Cursed from 6 days ago, that'd be a clean sweep if only Xerkiz had shown her face. Perhaps she was a little wiser than the others.

2004.05.31 20:13:19 EST, by Poosha

Tallon Zek Down!

We had a rough start on this one, but we picked up and dusted ourselves off and made a great second showing. Gratz to Scire, Eduward, and Lenxen on some fine loots, and to all the spell winners as well. Good job, everyone! =)

2004.06.03 23:40:43 EST, by Poosha

Terris Thule Falls!

Holy wow, what a close fight! Congratz to everyone for pulling through that one with flags and sanity intact. Not too shabby for a small force on our first try, though. Gratz as well on the two new cloaks and the pile of AA's and charm boosts.

2004.06.12 18:32:55 EST, by Frackus

Carprin Cycle Completed

After a lengthy, exhausting slugfest, took down Ultor for the first time, on our first attempt. Next time should be much quicker and smoother (we certainly hope!), and in the meantime, the first batch of us are flagged for CoDb. :) Gratz guys on hanging in there and getting the job done.

2004.06.21 23:13:45 EST, by Bruenorg

Flawless Flaggings!

We went to visit Grummus in his stinky castle, called him down to the dirt and then proceeded to make him eat it without him being able to the return the favour to anyone present! A quick tear through Terris Thule's lair and another finely executed battleplan put together by our raid leaders led us to yet another flawless victory! Congrats to the newly flagged and to Echicera, Livy, Kristel and Buvyen on the new digs and to everyone on a great job! =)

2004.07.13 23:47:54 EST, by Bruenorg

Vex Thal Awaits!

After many months in preparation, we have finally arrived. Sharpen your swords and hone your magics...a great battle for the inhabitants of Luclin is about to ensue!

Built in the wake of the destruction of Ka Vethan by the Maiden's Scar, the city of Vex Thall is home to the victorious Akheava, those who follow the priestess Atenha'Ra.

Fanatically loyal to the goddess Luclin, these are purist Akheava who speak only the Fleshless Tongue and destroy anyone who is not fluent in this language, exiling any Akheva who speaks anything else.

Atenha'Ra lives on, ruling every aspect of her subject's lives. Her sole goal is the eradication of all foregin invaders on Luclin. Combine, Shissar, Val Shir, Norranthian, it makes no difference to the malevolent high priestess--all must be driven from the moon. Although the Akheva currently lack the strength to expel these interlopers, their destruction remains Atenha'Ra's overriding ambition.

Vex Thall is possibly the most dangerous place on all of Luclin, for the Akheva are immortal godlings, unwilling to have their privacy violated by lesser beings. Their primary weakness is their arrogance, for every individual Akheva believes itself capable of overcoming almost any mortal.

2004.07.17 22:00:20 EST, by Bruenorg

Aten Ha Ra down!

Amidst a few patches, much slogging through trash mobs a dozen at a time, we finally managed to make our way all the way through Vex Thal and meet Aten Ha Ra face-to-face. Alas, there was little she could do to stop us from doing what we came to do. Congratulations to all the winners and again, a fantastic execution from everyone involved! Luclin is safe once more!

2004.07.24 18:19:26 EST, by Frackus

The Last of the Akhevans

"Sweet revenge...
... it's so very funny when...
... it isn't happening to me...
- Sean Panting, "Sweet Revenge"

Another one bites the dust. Say goodbye, Shei Vinitras, you've been crossed off the list of mobs we've not yet bested, and added to the ever-expanding pile of those we have. :)

2004.08.07 16:43:08 EST, by Bruenorg

Bertoxxulous Down!

After several attempts, this coocoo has finally had his clock cleaned!! Congrats all on a job well done!

2004.08.14 17:43:56 EST, by Bruenorg

Saryrn takes a nap!

We went to visit Saryrn just like we told Ms. Shadeyglade we would. The Keeper of Sorrows also now weeps for himself. Gratz to all the newly flagged and to Argothian, Emiral, Xaque, Baracon and Tgure on the loots!

2004.08.19 21:37:59 EST, by Bruenorg

Rydda`Dar falls!

The power of Trydan Faye now emanates from our bodies. Only Mithaniel Marr stands between us and the Tower of Solusek Ro! Well done everybody!!

2004.09.02 18:20:13 EST, by Frackus

Aten Ha Ra falls again!

Couldn't have just learned to speak common, hey? Well, Aten and her hooty-tooty too-good-for-common followers have been dispatched once more, with much rejoicing! Gratz winners on some keen loot. =D

2004.09.18 16:37:57 EST, by Bruenorg

Lord Mithaniel Marr downed!

Welcome to Sol Ro Seofon!!

2004.10.08 04:35:50 EST, by Frackus

Rakes and shovels!

Gratz to the winners of VT loot from yet another rotation, and gratz to flag and loot winners from the various PoP targets we've been backflagging on recently. :) Farming farming farming! We're getting kitted out and flagged up, and the numbers ready for the Tower of Sol Ro just keep climbing. ;)

2004.10.17 00:33:10 EST, by Bruenorg

Bertoxxulous falls again

Flawless execution! Congrats to Taushar and Rainingdog on the booty and to the newly flagged. Fabulous job, well done everybody!

2004.10.27 08:12:04 EST, by Bruenorg

Tower of Solusek Ro Poaching

Xuzl, Galremos, Arlyxir, and Jiva all out-classed and shown the way to the pearly gates. Mr. Ro...I'd start locking your back door! =)

2004.11.05 23:23:58 EST, by Frackus

Let it Rain!

Agnarr the Storm Lord falls! Only Rallos stands between Seofon and the Elemental Planes. :)

2004.11.28 17:06:43 EST, by Bruenorg

Sunday Double Whammy Shammy Epic Bonanza!

Congrats Valrik and Fannie to be the first Seofoner and Seofonette (Seofunda?) to get your epic 1.5 quests completed! Enjoy the new toys! =)

2004.12.08 09:35:51 EST, by Bruenorg

Good time, good pace and nice haul!

Vex Thal clearing in less than five hours! Thank you to all the attendees and congratulations to all the winners; most notably Didiaquarr (Crimson Runed Mask), Valrik (Mask of Judgement), Livy (Robe of Secrets) and Fanniefroggie (Talisman of Vah Kerrath)!

(Screenshot borrowed from Ancient Flame's website.)

2004.12.12 12:41:16 EST, by Bruenorg

Mini-boss Mashing

We went to pay our respects to Jiva and Rizlona...congrats to the early Christmas present winners!

2004.12.31 01:39:35 EST, by Frackus

Like Candy from a Baby

Another rotation through Vex Thal, another visit to Aten Ha Ra. A good way to spend a little Xmas vacation time. :)

Congrats Gemgrabber on the Soul Essence, and many others on some fine Vex Thal loot.