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2005.01.03 22:00:54 EST, by Bruenorg

Rallos Zek the Warlord downed!!

An incredible effort led by our illustrious leader Frackus Everburning! Happy New Year everyone and welcome to the Elemental Planes!! =D

2005.01.08 17:32:36 EST, by Bruenorg

Seofon > Saryrn! (again)

Congratulations to the newly flagged!

2005.01.13 22:45:21 EST, by Bruenorg

Agnarr the Storm Lord bested!

We did the best we could with what we had and managed to come out on top - a tantalizing win to say the least! We finished off a few more Elemental flags tonight, congratulations to those folks especially!!

2005.01.21 23:53:32 EST, by Bruenorg

Halls of Slaughter

Rydda`Dar was dispatched in short order followed by Mithaniel Marr with near flawless executions. Congrats to the newly elemental flagged and to Whispey and Sarjo on the nice new cloaks!

2005.01.23 15:17:09 EST, by Bruenorg

Tallon Zek Trouncing

Well, Bertoxxulous wasn't at home today when we dropped by for tea and diseased flesh biscuits but Tallon Zek was out to play. Unfortunately for him, we won the game. Big congratualtions to Xaque on finishing his Elemental flag!

2005.02.01 21:50:23 EST, by Bruenorg

Bertoxxulous thwarted!

A little messy at the end due to some chumpage by yours truly but it sure was a blast! Well done everybody and congrats to those newly flagged and to Apoxx on his elemental access!

2005.02.10 23:04:56 EST, by Bruenorg

Innoruuk plastered!

Sweet revenge! It had been some time since we went to pay him a visit. This time we went home with the loot! Congrats gang, a job well done!

2005.02.19 20:08:21 EST, by Poosha

Tiorpat Tornwing Downed!

For an event that I was kinda nervous about, this turned out to be a very smooth fight. Great job all! And congratulations to Bombay on his new blade-stick, and our wizzies Frack and Uzno on their runes. :)

(sorry, no pic.. i r dum waryur)

2005.02.20 15:06:52 EST, by Bruenorg

Mud wrestling at its finest!

The Mud Ring in the Plane of Earth conquered. We sure got dirtied up but was a fun fight! Congrats to Karadax on the Stone Etched War Sword!

2005.02.23 23:03:52 EST, by Bruenorg

Vallon Zek and Mithaniel Marr taken to the cleaners!

He's lucky we didn't make him wear the pointy hat while in the corner. Congrats flaggers, expecially Gondyar who finished his elemental access! =)

2005.03.05 20:54:57 EST, by Frackus

Gratz Brue on your Epic 1.5!

After a tight fight with The Keeper, Seofon see's it's first monk epic 1.5 completed. :)

2005.03.12 16:32:27 EST, by Bruenorg

Solusek Ro no match!

Plane of Fire, here we come!

2005.03.16 10:22:08 EST, by Frackus

Seofon > Hydrotha, Krziik the Mighty

Our first venture to the Reef of Coirnav was successful, with 4 sweet loot drops, and not 1 mention of Kevin Costner's crappy movie! :)

(Well, one of several crappy Costner movies, but you get the idea.)

2005.03.22 00:02:58 EST, by Poosha

Velitorkin No Match, Surprise

Well, he's big, but the big softy rolled over like a dog for us. Congratulations to Ed for his new shirt, our rune-winners, and everyone else for helping to make it look easy.

(apologies for the poor screenshot, but I had to half-jam my face through a wall to get that one... the downside of cornering mobs that like to die on their stomachs.)

2005.03.26 08:38:05 EST, by Frackus

Bones Cracked

An interesting fight, but still no match for us, down goes Bonecracker as Seofon's thirst for 69 runes continues.

2005.03.27 23:49:14 EST, by Bruenorg

Omens of War Seofon Pwnage!!

Hey Frackus, wanna snag that femur while you're down there?? Oh wait...nevermind, you look a little too umm...flattened to do so atm. =P Fabulous afternoon for loot and runes! Congratulations Bobacar and Arvydys on your new blunt instruments!

2005.04.04 21:47:43 EST, by Bruenorg

Rallos Zek's clock cleaned!

Well, not much to say other than another job well done by everyone. He never saw it and out of there like a fiddler's elbow.

2005.04.05 21:57:08 EST, by Bruenorg

Tarn Icewind vanquished!

After we paid Lirah a visit and mowed down the Sharpshooters in Ruined City, we ventured forth to the Wall of Slaughter and summoned Tarn Icewind through the portal. Hmm, you know, that wall really is aptly named...great teamwork everybody!

2005.04.09 15:53:40 EST, by Bruenorg

Solusek Ro, no contest.

The flag-dragging is by far the most challenging part of this encounter. We persevered after much treachery and in the end, polished off a few more flags. Congrats!

2005.04.10 20:29:49 EST, by Bruenorg

Playing with FIRE!

We had our first raid excursion to the Burning Lands and while we were few, that still did not deter us from making our presence felt. Great raid!

2005.04.16 17:42:49 EST, by Bruenorg

Mystical Arbitor of Earth downed!

After smoking through all four earth rings, the Arbitor was the only thing standing between us and Earth B. Super smooth raid, great work everyone!

2005.04.18 09:44:42 EST, by Frackus

Off with his head!

In a little taste of revenge, we paid a surprise visit to the Lord Inquisitor and claimed his head.

2005.04.19 22:41:28 EST, by Frackus


Correct Dust Ring (Air) Post Op Procedure:

  1. Right-click and "Save as..." the photo of Sigismond Windwalker's corpse. Save to desktop.
  2. Print on your inkjet.
  3. Place printed copy on floor.
  4. Dance on his head.
  5. Cackle maniacally.
  6. Store photo near desk for whenever the urge strikes again.

Let's not do this again soon, shall we?

2005.04.26 22:49:09 EST, by Bruenorg

Oh no, Fennin Ro!

2005.04.30 17:08:49 EST, by Bruenorg

We came, we saw, we mopped the floor!!

We steam rolled our way through several PoFire minis this afternoon. Another great loot haul - well done folks!

2005.05.01 18:07:35 EST, by Frackus

More Cookies!

But please... no more marsh gas! Gratz Charthis on your epic. :)

2005.05.11 09:24:09 EST, by Frackus

Gratz Xatrekak!

Congrats on your necro epic 1.5. :)

2005.05.17 14:26:41 EST, by Frackus

End of an Era!

For the last time in Xev's Vex Thal Rotation, Aten Ha Ra falls before Seofon.

2005.05.17 22:32:15 EST, by Bruenorg

Guard that!

Girplan Guardian downed in an incredible effort by everyone present. Congrats to Frackus on his epic drop!!

2005.05.22 15:05:49 EST, by Bruenorg


The Elite Sun Revanent was no match for us. Huge congratulations to Frackus, Seofon's first wizard to get his Staff of Prismatic Power!!!

2005.06.12 20:40:54 EST, by Bruenorg

Vamoush Emoush!!

Another round of winners tonight, congrats everyone!

2005.06.22 16:34:37 EST, by Bruenorg

Epic'd Norg!!

2005.06.23 23:37:22 EST, by Bruenorg

Xegony did NOT evade us!

There was just no better way for this to happen. Eduward led us to an amazing win, the teamwork was second to none and everyone did such a great job! This victory is so sweet. Congrats all! =D

2005.06.28 21:46:52 EST, by Bruenorg

Congratulations Whispey!!

2005.07.03 15:14:21 EST, by Bruenorg

Epic'd Bard coming through!

2005.07.06 22:42:08 EST, by Bruenorg


Finally got our revenge on ESR! Congrats on your epic Athcaldonor!

2005.07.19 10:09:09 EST, by Frackus

Congrats Gondyar, Dungeree

Two cleric epics finished in one day. Congrats gents. :)

2005.07.23 15:33:26 EST, by Didiaquarr

Grats Sorttou!!!!

Seofon's first Pally epic!!! (at least that I'm aware of)

2005.07.25 21:45:53 EST, by Frackus

Grats Didiaquarr!

Another warrior epic completed (and aug'd out!). 8)

2005.08.02 07:31:09 EST, by Frackus

Grats Jobue!

Seofon's first Rogue epic 1.5! 8)

2005.08.05 07:02:54 EST, by Frackus


Congratulations to Wizp, Newar, and Karnagee (Lyrian) on completing your epic 1.5 quests! Good job Seofon knocking off 3 in 1 night. :)

2005.08.11 01:09:22 EST, by Bruenorg

Another round of epics completed!

Congratulations to Verge, Delbaeth, Sfynx and Kronin on completing your epic 1.5 quests!!

2005.08.13 16:07:43 EST, by Bruenorg

Volkara squashed and Ikkinz Trial of Righteousness passed!

The past few days have seen its share of nailbiting fights that ended up with Seofon victorious! We went to pay Volkara a return visit; this time, we persevered and prevailed. May the Spirit of Tunik Tamuik rest! Good work everyone, we did good!

2005.08.17 23:26:09 EST, by Bruenorg

Big congrats to Yojji and Mjolner!

The latest round of our epic 1.5 quest finishers!

2005.08.17 23:27:46 EST, by Bruenorg

Rathe Council and the Avatar of Earth down!

2005.09.03 15:24:54 EST, by Bruenorg

May the voice of Innoruuk aid Xaque well!

2005.09.07 21:41:58 EST, by Bruenorg

Seofon lays waste to Coirnav and unlocks the Plane of Time!

2005.09.10 18:02:44 EST, by Bruenorg

Ikkinz Trial of Glorification passed!

2005.09.17 16:03:02 EST, by Bruenorg

Well done Kanidyen and Torvon!

Congrats on your epics!!

2005.09.17 16:05:40 EST, by Frackus

The Journey Begins

This new journey is a little different than before: not through space, but through Time. Gratz Seofon on your first Time raid.

2005.09.24 17:27:40 EST, by Bruenorg

Volkara squishy-squashed!

2005.09.24 17:35:01 EST, by Bruenorg

Phase Four? Ready for more!!

Excellent romp through Plane of Time today! Congrats Josman, Karadax, Torvon, Poosha, Livy, Gminor, Mumblezz and Gondyar on your Time Phased Quintessence and to all the loot winners. Next time, we mean business! =)

2005.10.01 16:27:01 EST, by Poosha

Phase Four Fun

Another fine run through Time last night! We flagged 9 more people for the zone, and walked out with a Monty-Haulish 25 pieces of loot. Congrats to all who attended, and for those who walked out with a little something extra. We pushed through the sleepiness into Phase 4 where we managed to down Terris, Saryrn, and Tallon. Vallon got lucky this time around, but we'll be back for him when we're more awake. ;)

2005.10.03 22:00:15 EST, by Bruenorg

Epic Goodness!

Congrats on your epics Dini, Pety and Vastas!! =)

2005.10.08 23:36:24 EST, by Bruenorg

Phase Four down!

2005.10.15 17:37:38 EST, by Bruenorg


Many new challenges still lie ahead and await to be conquered. No doubt we will be revisiting Quarm and his cronies again soon. Congratulations Seofon!! =D

2005.10.19 23:07:51 EST, by Bruenorg

Hulcror defeated!

Our first attempt got him to 8% and then a few of our flame-throwing guildmates were able to join us for try number two. BBQ Bazu anyone? =D

2005.10.20 06:13:20 EST, by Frackus

Gratz Gminor on your Epic 1.5!

A few days ago another of our bards got a pointed stick!

2005.10.20 23:51:20 EST, by Bruenorg

2005.10.25 22:41:23 EST, by Bruenorg

Prismatic Dragon Blade!

Congratulations Kaelwyse on completing your epic!

2005.10.30 11:28:50 EST, by Frackus

At it again!

2005.11.07 10:24:03 EST, by Bruenorg

Shogurei and Sensei defeated

Yar`Lir, here we come!

2005.11.13 18:15:49 EST, by Bruenorg

Congrats Skritch and Oricon!

On finishing your epic 1.5 quests!

2005.11.19 18:08:44 EST, by Bruenorg

2005.11.26 17:30:47 EST, by Bruenorg

Victory once again!

Good work everyone sticking it out on this one! Again, we've proven ourselves worthy of the Trial of Transcendance.

2005.11.29 22:19:26 EST, by Bruenorg

Epic Night Bonanza Extravaganza!

Congratulations to Kaise, Livy and Love on your epic drops!

2005.12.01 22:51:40 EST, by Bruenorg

Glorification encore!

Great teamwork folks! Our numbers were few but our drive got us through to the end.

2005.12.03 16:09:06 EST, by Bruenorg

Ikkinz 4 Trounced!

We plowed through this in no time at all. Excellent job by everyone! Uqua, here we come!

2005.12.21 08:14:57 EST, by Frackus

Ikkinz 4 REALLY Trounced!

This time we had 47 of 51 raiders standing when he dropped. This raid was so textbook, I just had to post. ;)

2005.12.30 17:22:24 EST, by Bruenorg

Love that shield!

Congratulations to Love on Harmony of the Soul!