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2006.01.03 00:36:55 EST, by Bruenorg

Oculus action!

Congratulations Livy on finishing off your epic 1.5!

2006.01.08 02:05:53 EST, by Bruenorg

A true champion!

Way to go Vathoss on finishing your 1.5!

2006.01.14 18:24:40 EST, by Bruenorg

Epic Proportions!

Huge congrats to Poosha and Creyn on getting epic'd!! =D

2006.01.22 14:02:20 EST, by Bruenorg

More Epics!

Way to go Bombay, Heela, Kaise and Sirioh!

2006.01.23 21:17:31 EST, by Bruenorg

Retro Raid demolishes Emperor Ssraeshza!

2006.01.26 23:09:21 EST, by Bruenorg

Quarm and his cronies vanquished!

Great run and congrats to the winners! Special congrats to Poosha, Fanniefroggie, Kaelwyse and Josman on their class weapon wins. =)

2006.01.28 16:47:36 EST, by Frackus

Death to Vrex Barxt Qurat!
Welcome to Qvic!

In a stellar display of precision, Seofon executes VBQ with only 2 deaths, proving once again that determination and teamwork always win out in the end. Backflagging to follow; Qvic scheduling to begin.

2006.02.04 02:37:23 EST, by Bruenorg

Way to go Rakharth and Ayenae!!

Welcome to the 1.5 club you two!

2006.02.04 16:53:20 EST, by Bruenorg

Vrex Barxt Quart downed again!!

Congrats to the newly flagged!

2006.02.07 12:31:56 EST, by Bruenorg

Matriarch Shyra and Cynosure Kvanjji defeated!

We decided to try our hand at some Depths of Darkhollow raiding and on our second attempt with a couple more warriors, Shyra fell before us. Cynosure was next up...Inktu`ta here we come!

2006.02.11 13:46:15 EST, by Bruenorg

Congratulations Josman and Vanishin!

2006.02.11 13:48:33 EST, by Bruenorg

Cragbeast Queen defeated!

2006.02.13 21:20:33 EST, by Bruenorg

Matriarch Shyra defeated once again!

2006.02.20 21:16:15 EST, by Bruenorg

Master of Hate down!

Fantastic effort and a sweet win to get this on our first attempt. Go Seofon!!!

2006.03.07 00:16:29 EST, by Bruenorg

Epic Roundup!

Another great month for epics. Congratulations Fameena, Kmei, Thillonrian and Vrendreck!!

2006.03.07 00:31:21 EST, by Bruenorg

Master of Hate and Feratha stomping!

We mastered the Hate trial again this evening and then headed over to Rifseeker's Sanctum to exterminate Feratha in his frozen den.

2006.03.07 21:53:53 EST, by Bruenorg

Ferubi Fun!

Not really news but hey, I wanted to post it anyway. We killed Smith Rondo for our BiC questers and ran into Zun`Muram Votal and decided to give him a go since we hadn't done him before. Well, you can see the results above. ;) Congratulations to Sorttou, Kronin, Xatrekak, Arcturus, Eduward, Lyrian and Karnagee and whoever else I missed on your flag!

2006.03.19 17:37:17 EST, by Bruenorg

Battlemaster Rhorius and Zun`Muram Volklana!

More rune and loot farming today. Great job on Battlemaster, a Seofon first!

2006.03.25 00:04:17 EST, by Bruenorg

Epic'd Eduward!!

Congratulations monkie man!

2006.03.25 16:07:19 EST, by Bruenorg

Noqufiel is ours, Txevu here we come!

2006.04.16 02:32:34 EST, by Bruenorg

Way to go Arcturus!

Congratulations on finishing your Oculus of Persuasion.

2006.04.18 00:06:47 EST, by Bruenorg

Tres bien Marcusu!

Weild it well warrior, congrats on finishing your 1.5!

2006.04.25 21:34:50 EST, by Frackus


Congratulations to those getting their Breakdown in Communication drops from the Summoner's Circle event in Kod'Taz. Revenge is sweet, and ridiculous augs are even sweeter. :)

2006.05.09 21:54:54 EST, by Frackus

Two More Epics!

Congratulations Grizette and Yazmindo!

2006.05.17 21:36:20 EST, by Bruenorg

Shuckatastic Shyra!

Flawless victory, go go seoheal!

2006.06.03 15:16:39 EST, by Bruenorg

Mastruq Champion and Ixt Hsek Syat downed!

Well done Seofon, one more step towards Tacvi!

2006.06.08 00:23:19 EST, by Bruenorg

Epic score!

Congrats to Sargaz and also to Eloai, one of our new applicants, on finishing your epic quests!

2006.06.10 16:17:48 EST, by Bruenorg

Master of Hate mastered!

2006.06.17 17:35:43 EST, by Bruenorg

High Priest Nkosi Bakari!

Only one mob stands in the way between us and Tacvi...bring it on Zun`Muram Tkarish Zyk Skippy!!

2006.06.25 11:18:46 EST, by Bruenorg

Congrats Argothian and Fataliity!

Way to go on finishing off your epics gents!

2006.07.06 10:17:40 EST, by Bruenorg

After several tweaks to our strat, this dragon is now wyrm meat!

2006.07.08 15:17:32 EST, by Bruenorg

Welcome to Tacvi Seofon!!

2006.07.15 19:37:14 EST, by Frackus

Congrats Xaya on your fancy shield!

2006.07.15 22:29:30 EST, by Bruenorg

Tacvi South Wing: Cleared!

2006.07.26 21:59:32 EST, by Bruenorg

Yay Baise and Emiral and Mumblezz!

Welcome to the epic club you three, well done!

2006.08.15 21:54:01 EST, by Bruenorg

Yar`Lir falls before Seofon!

2006.08.17 23:23:13 EST, by Bruenorg

After several attempts at Adaptation, we finally pulled it off. This was our first attempt at Endurance and we are now three trials away from Anguish! Excellent job leading Athcaldonor and near perfect execution from everyone. Way to go folks!

2006.08.20 00:34:01 EST, by Bruenorg

What an awesome week it has been for us. Go go Seofon!!

2006.08.20 18:00:08 EST, by Bruenorg

Just when we thought we were really on a roll, this happened today! We are all very proud to be part of this guild and worked hard through the ups and downs of Gates of Discord. Special congratulations to Newar on finishing the Breakdown in Communication quest and Bwrab on Discord Skin Samples.

2006.08.23 23:11:11 EST, by Bruenorg

Kessdona falls!

After Rikkukin and Yar`Lir were dispatched, it was time to visit Kessdona. Another win to add to our long list this month!

The graphics in DoN are terrible! I mean look, I'm definitely fatter than that aren't I? Thanks for the screenshot Nytelie! ;)

2006.08.26 18:19:39 EST, by Bruenorg

It had been a few months since we last tried the Trial of Corruption and today we were victorious! Four trials are now completed with just Specialization and Foresight standing between us and the Citadel of Anguish.

2006.09.05 23:36:51 EST, by Bruenorg

Now only the Trial of Foresight to complete...great work everyone!

2006.09.14 22:17:33 EST, by Bruenorg

2006.09.16 16:43:31 EST, by Bruenorg

2006.10.15 13:13:55 EST, by Bruenorg

Savage Lady's Totem!

Congrats Iiteheart on your epic 1.5!

2006.10.28 15:33:21 EST, by Bruenorg

2006.11.04 09:12:01 EST, by Bruenorg

Epic treats!

Congratulations you two!

2006.11.11 17:46:09 EST, by Bruenorg

2006.11.13 22:46:48 EST, by Bruenorg

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2006.11.29 18:09:19 EST, by Bruenorg

2006.12.04 06:29:29 EST, by Frackus

2006.12.05 22:04:43 EST, by Bruenorg

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